The talented and diverse UTHT team filled with students from around Toronto studying different disciplines

Team leaders


Juan Egas

Team Captain

Sasha Rudolf

Chief Electrical Engineer

George Gu

Six Sigma Lead

Jeremy Eichhorn

Chief Engineer R&D

Richard Schutte

Infrastructures Design Lead

Hamza Arshad

Chief Mechanical Engineer


Anaqi Muhamad Afendi

Energy Systems Lead

Urmil Modi

Electronics Lead

Orest Cobani

Electronics Lead

Davendra Seunarine

Software Lead


Zi Xiao Shen

Project Manager

Business + Partnerships

Cecilia Rozario

Business Development Lead

Artin Mostajabi

Financial Lead

Richard Yun

Corporate Relations

Michelle Chalatov

Marketing Lead


Anton Liu

Braking Lead

Jovan Phull

Structures Lead

Fernando Estrada

Stability Lead

Hongchen Wang

Propulsion Lead

Javad Siahkamari

Propulsion Lead

Phil Cuvin

Structures Lead


Samin Parsa

Project Manager

Amanda Reed

Test Track Lead

Amardeep Singh

LIM Lead

Rama Kashef Al-Ghetaa

Project Manager

Roshan Varghese

EDW Lead

Stephen Yang

LIM Lead

Yung Lai

EDW Lead

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