Electrodynamic Wheel (EDW) Mechanical Design Lead

Team: Research and Development

Deadline: 04 Jun 2021


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The UTHT R&D Division is developing a novel Electrodynamic Wheel design that will be capable of magnetic levitation, thrust, and guidance of a Hyperloop pod in an integrated system. As the Mechanical Design Lead, you will oversee a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate engineering students working on the project. You will lead the mechanical team to perform design iterations, structural, heat, and vibrational simulations, and manufacture and test a physical EDW prototype on the R&D test tracks. You will also work closely with the electromagnetic simulations team to adapt the design based on new simulation results. You will work with the Project Manager to create a feasible timeline to bring the team to competition, and take steps to ensure each sub-team is meeting deadlines. You must develop a deep understanding of the entire project, and be able to innovate at a system level. This is one of UTHT's most innovative projects, and you will be responsible for a prototype at the forefront of Hyperloop and maglev research.


  • Manage a team of individuals from a wide range of engineering disciplines in their 1st to 4th year undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Work closely with the Project Manager to constantly update the project budget and timeline
  • Identify areas of the project falling behind and make a plan of action
  • Oversee integration of all the subsystems
  • Work with R&D EDW Simulations, R&D Test Track, R&D Linear Induction Motor (LIM) and Infrastructures Teams to fit sub-team wide specifications
  • Host Weekly/Bi-Weekly meetings and Assign Weekly/Bi-Weekly Tasks to EDW general members
  • Create and present PowerPoint presentations for weekly or biweekly meetings
  • Encourage and motivate team members
  • Sign off on mechanical drawings
  • Maintain a line of communication with numerous vendors
  • Create a plan for manufacturing during COVID
  • Perform FEA analyses (structural, vibrational, dynamic)
  • Draft/create Professional Engineering Design Reports

Required + Preferred Skills:

  • Highly motivated and interested in shaping the future of Hyperloop technology
  • Self-starter. Self-motivated.
  • Evidence of excellence and innovation in past projects
  • Excellent people/time management, communication and leadership skills
  • Ability to adapt to changing sub-team specifications
  • 3rd or 4th year student in MSE, Mech, or EngSci (Preferred)
  • Experienced in CAD (SolidWorks is Preferred)
  • Experience with FEA Simulations (ANSYS is Preferred)
  • Experience with Vibrational Analysis (Preferred)
  • George Brown Machining Course Certification (Preferred)
  • Excellent report writing and problem solving skills
  • Machining and 3D printing experience (Preferred)
  • Able to commit 10-15 hours a week